Although we hold a $2 Million Dollar Insurance Policy we continually invest in our equipment, the quality of our detergents and ourselves because we believe the right equipment and our many years of experience help avoid many mishaps which can not only be expensive but also heartbreaking at times and even lower your property value.

934960_4f9ad26ebdd147ee94063be2f0c2db01.png_srz_p_250_214_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Although our pre934960_d53ac969f8d54f78b408543e680e879f.png_srz_p_267_230_75_22_0.50_1.20_0ssure washers can heat up to 250 degrees and are powerful and large enough to do any job– but, we believe when power washing, sometimes less is more. High heat and high water pressure can cause major damage to your property.

With our equipment, our commercial high quality bio-degradable detergents and professional accessories, we can easily reach 40-50 feet high without the use of a ladder and our guaranteed safe, non-pressure commercial roof cleaning pump effectively kills the algae on your roof without disturbing the granules of your shingling or voiding your roof warranty.  Our cleaning methods are the most effective, provide the longest lasting clean and most importantly are the safest for your family, pets and property.

Our surface cleaners quickly and effectively remove dirt, algae, mold and other unsightly debris from your large surfaces and our 525 gallon water tank enables us to bring our own water making it possible to do those ‘out of the way’ jobs and meet any needs our customers may have.

We feature Hydro Tek equipment because like our customers, we believe there is no replacement for quality and dependability. Hydro Tek has been manufacturing top quality cold, hot and steam pressure washers for over 30 years. They design and engineer their cleaning equipment with high grade, top quality components. Their innovative washers, recycle systems and cleaning equipment are the most reliable on the market and the chosen equipment of professionals in every industry, including governmental agencies.