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Taken from our Industry Publication:  UAMCC, Issue #2 Roof Cleaning

Having your roof properly cleaned and maintained will prevent premature replacement and save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life span of the property. One method is a no pressure roof cleaning service that will remove those black streaks immediately and return your
roof to its original color and beauty. This is a soft, gentle approach that allows the roof cleaning products to restore the roof to it’s “like new” condition. The roof treatment solution is contained and controlled to protect the homeowner’s property at all time during the process. This is done with collection bags at the downspouts, fine control nozzles and a ground man watering or flushing any majorly contaminated areas. Using normal precautions for handling bleach, the solution is applied carefully to avoid damage to other parts of the building and surrounding landscape. All black streaks caused by gloeocapsa magma will be invisible immediately, there is no need to wait days or weeks for results. If there is moss and/or lichen, it can scraped off, but it may pull granules off the shingles with the roots. The no pressure method recommends that moss and lichen be left to break at the root level after it is treated. Any moss or lichen left behind will be dead and will fall off in about three months. The solution is left on the roof as this is dangerous to the yard when the solutionis still active, and the longer it is left on the roof the more effective it is as a preventive measure against future growth. Not rinsing saves time and money as well as saves water in the process. Once the solution becomes inactive it is simply salt left behind. The next rain will rinse the roof more effectively and safely.  If possible, the roof can be cleaned from a ladder and/or walkboards to avoid direct contact with the roof surface. The goal is to observe all possible safety precautions when working on or near the roof. This solution application will make the roof surface slippery and potentially hazardous to walk on during treatment. This roof treatment method has been found to be an effective and safe method to combat gloeocapsa magma algae, moss and lichen by the 3M Corp. and the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association (ARMA).-  Doug Rucker, Clean & Green Solutions and Former President of UAMCC