When Stucco and Dryvit are properly cleaned, they look amazing, but it takes a knowledgeable and experienced professional with the right equipment to safely get the best results.  If someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, they can cause great harm resulting in an expensive restoration either from damage or from staining.

As in most situations, an ounce of prevention is well worth its weight in gold.  Because stucco is a multilayered material, it’s expensive to apply and repair.  Considering a stucco exterior can cost $30,000 or more, it makes a strong case for catching repairs early.

Public Enemy #1 to stucco is moisture which is why you see it used more often in drier climates.  Crumbling stucco is usually due to prolonged exposure to moisture and most frequently occurs on homes where the stucco is applied from top to bottom and it meets the ground.  Sitting snow, rain and other precipitation is given the opportunity to slowly seep into the stucco and break it down.

Stucco can only tolerate foundation shifting and moisture to a certain point, but it is somewhat brittle so it does not flex with your house quite as well as vinyl siding.  A clean surface gives you the best opportunity to notice any cracking or crumbling that has occurred before it becomes a costly repair.

Stucco’s Public Enemy #2- Paint!  When it’s time to refresh your stucco, the experts say sandblast away the old layer and start from scratch. Painting stucco can lead to a host of moisture problems down the line; therefore, I refer you back to Stucco Public Enemy #1- MOISTURE!

As you can see, painting is bad and having to refresh your stucco is expensive; which makes a strong case for keeping it professionally maintained.

There are several benefits to having your stucco professionally cleaned on a regular basis:

  • A clean home provides a perfect baseline for assessing any potential damage or problems while they are nominal; making it less expensive to repair.
  • Long sitting algae and mold can cause permanent staining.
  • Painted Stucco can lead to moisture problems and sandblasting (refreshing) the stucco is expensive. Cleaning it on a regular basis keeps its appearance fresh.

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